I Hope You Always Know Your Strength


Tonight, we’re lying on our bed. You’ve taken so long to settle. You’ve craved my arms, my cuddle. Not that I’ve minded, since returning to work full time, these moments have become my favourite parts of the day.

They’re times to sit and reflect on how far you’ve come. I hold your growing body in my arms and instantly remember how small you once were. I let your fingers wrap firmly around my thumb and recall when this was once the only physical contact we could share. I’d sit for hours upon end with my arm through the tiny opening in your isolette, remove my wedding ring to protect you from infection and marvel as you’d wrap your miniature fingers around mine. It was sometimes hard to visualise moments like tonight. In the early days, it was even hard to imagine your future. I felt scared to, as though I’d jinx your progress.

Now, the same movement transforms me back in time to a place that seems so far away. Now, I look to your future with excitement and enthusiasm. I’ve big dreams for you, aspirations, wants and hopes. Your strength has always been admirable. It’s something I always hope you have.

Right now, determination oozes from your pores. You know what you want in life, you have done from a very young age. I hope you always have the strength and courage to achieve whatever you want…and even in those moments, when you’re not quite sure what it is you want, have the conviction to never give up looking.

I hope you always have the strength to know your worth. Never settle for contentment, strive to be completely happy. Have the respect to walk away from something (or someone) that doesn’t captivate you. Know in your heart when you can do better then do it. Don’t stick with something because it’s ‘comfortable’. I hope you have the strength to follow your heart. Sometimes in life you can get stuck in one place. Your head can tell you to stay where you are, it can make change seem daunting and formidable. People seem to forget that life is an adventure. So, when your head tells you to stay but your heart tells you to go, I want you to be strong enough to cast your fears aside and experience the adventures you were destined for.

I hope you have the strength to be yourself in any given situation. People will try and change you. Men may be intimidated by your strength and independence, women may be envious of your pride and tenacity. Don’t let their insecurities shape who you are. Be resilient enough to rise above hurtful comments and see them for what they are. Be strong enough to have confidence in yourself and believe that you already are who you’re meant to be. You’re beautiful baby girl, you always always will be.


I want so many things for you, I could write a novel. I want these because I care. If only you could see yourself from my eyes…only then would you know how exquisite, astounding and truly remarkable you are.

Have dreams for yourself baby girl…and always dream big.


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