Warts and All

So, you may have seen me posting about ARTventurers Durham recently. You may even be just as excited as I am about our impending classes coming soon! 
With that in mind, I thought you may like to know a little about me…warts and all.

I’ll begin with the mundane, it may not be enthralling but it’s necessary…I’m Kirbs, Babe, Mama, Mammeeee, Mrs Squires, Miss or The Kirbster. To most, I’m plain old Kirby (yes, that’s my actual name). I’m Kirbs to close friends and family (it’s strange but I can usually tell when someone considers me close. The signal of switching from formalities to informalities is a sign of acceptance, endearment). ‘Babe’ isn’t me being big headed, it’s the term I’ve been deemed by my Husband. I only ever seem to get ‘Kirbs’ from him when I’m in the bad books…which is sometimes still several times a week. Mama and Mammeeee are my two favourite names. I consider myself blessed every time I’m referred to this way. Mrs Squires and Miss are what my students call me (I’m still an English Teacher until July) and well, The Kirbster was once a jovial nickname given to me by my Brother…it caught on and stuck…to my dismay. 
So now you know my name, you might want to know who I am.
I’m Mother 

My firstborn, Tristan, is now 2 years and 3 months old. He was born on a Thursday when I was 37 weeks pregnant. He weighed 7lb 6oz and entered the world completely bewildered. The 1st 6 weeks of his life were a mix of utter bliss and utter torture. He cried…excessively. He screamed…endlessly. There were times when I just didn’t know what to do, times when I felt so overwhelmed by how much my world had changed. Then, when he was only 10 weeks old (on my Husband’s Birthday may I add, I feel it necessary to explain myself) I conceived again. I became a Mother for the 2nd time in November 2014. I gave birth twice in one year! At 31 weeks pregnant, weighing 3lb 14oz, Siena Marie dramatically thrust herself into life. Her impatience, determination and zest for living are all still very much a part of her being and completely infectious. Being a Mother isn’t something I’d ever fully considered. I wasn’t maternal (in fact, quite the opposite) and although I knew I’d want kids some day, it wasn’t something I was in a rush to experience. Oh how I’ve changed. I’m Mother to the core! I could be that woman with 17 babies, I feel completely addicted to pregnancy, that newborn haze and the absolute joy and laughter a toddler can instil..but I’ve got one of each already so for now, I won’t be greedy. 

I’m Wife

I met my husband in 2007 through mutual friends. We forged our relationship through a series of My Space messages and finally started dating a few months later. It wasn’t love at first sight (in fact, I think I was probably trying to make someone else jealous to begin) but once established, our love was intense. We were that annoying couple that others didn’t want to spend time around because all we’d do was pinch each other’s noses and call each other pet names. We moved in with each other after only four months and got engaged on our 1st anniversary. Somewhere along the line, we mellowed. Now, we’re very much the typical married couple. We argue over silly little things like who put the bins out last week or who deserves a lie in on a Saturday morning but we work (we work damn hard at times and and that’s fine, life isn’t always about sunsets and rose petals).

I’m Dog Owner

For my 21st Birthday Present, my Mother bought me a Border Collie. We chose him from a farm in Northumberland, he was the only puppy not to leave his Mother’s side. Admiring his loyalty, he undoubtedly stood out from the crowd. He’s called Joey, now nine years old and still completely puppy. It was hard bringing children into his life. I’d hoped he’d accept them instinctively but it’s taken a little time. Tristan is a little too erratic for him at the moment.

I’m Teacher

I qualified as an English Teacher in 2007 and instantly fell in love with the profession. There’s something so special about instilling confidence and knowledge into the minds of children. There’s times I’ve cried through joy, times I’ve felt so frustrated by the pressure of GCSEs or Ofsted that I’ve cried for days. Teaching isn’t a job, it’s a career and it owns you. My decision to leave teaching to pursue ARTventurers was based on my current home situation. My youngest Daughter has just been diagnosed with cerebral palsy (although we’re awaiting confirmation from the MRI she had last Wednesday). She needs my strength, my encouragement, my time! Teaching isn’t flexible, it’s hard to fit around her hospital appointments. She also has impending heart surgery in the near future. ARTventurers is my opportunity to live a life doing something I’m still so passionate about – instilling passion, knowledge and creativity into the minds of children – whilst being able to work around my Daughter’s schedule. I’m also hoping it curbs my broodiness and desire to have 17 babies. I’ll thoroughly enjoy spending time with yours instead. I chose to work until July to see my classes through until the end of the year. Although I’m so extremely excited to get ARTventurers up and running, I just felt as though I couldn’t abandon my students half way through a year. Students almost become family – an adoptive family of 120 children. I’ve no doubt I’ll view you all this way too. 

I’m a Bit Fun

I spent my maternity leave practicing karaoke songs on my friend’s request. I do a mean Beyoncé, Britney and Shaggy! I see the fun in most situations and am not afraid of a little bit of mess. I spend hours prancing around shopping centres and parks pretending to be a dinosaur, forgetting most times to check who’s watching. I love to dance and am not one to shy away from a dance off. I love life and will not let two demanding toddlers or the hardships of any average day weigh me down.

I’m Human

I cry at adverts, sob my heart out to films or books. I’m obsessed with Emmerdale and get excited on a Thursday for a double dose. I get stressed when my son throws himself on the floor in public or snatches from other kids at soft play. I spend most of my time not knowing what I’m doing but carrying on doing it regardless. I can never find matching socks and my approach to dressing myself and my children is to find something in our wardrobes which doesn’t need ironing. I use biscuits and quavers as bribery (although never cheesy wotsits, they cause more hassle than they solve). My idea of winning is making sure I’ve showered. My car is littered with toys and spare clothes and I always have a towel – ideal for those ‘let’s drop everything and head to the beach’ moments. I get jealous when I see my non-mummy friends uploading photos of luxurious holidays or nights out in skimpy dresses and extravagant bouffant hair but I also get jealous of my husband at home with the babies on the nights I manage to escape. I love a selfie and have no shame in uploading a million pictures of my children each day. All I want is a good night’s sleep and to pee on my own. 

And a warm cup of tea…imagine a warm cup of tea.

Well that’s me, warts and all! Now that the formal introduction is out of the way, I’d love to see you all soon when classes are up and running as of next month 😃.

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